No Win No Pay & Lowest Fees Guaranteed!

The Credit Repair Help Line Guarantee

Guarantee Safeguard

  • 100% No upfront fee
  • 100% We will not charge a fee unless we achieve a removal
  • 100% Guaranteed lowest fee. We will not be beaten on price.

We are the only credit repair company in Australia that genuinely does not charge
a fee unless the job gets done and we never charge an upfront fee, there is no better guarantee than this.

We will beat on price any genuine estimate provided by our competitors, and we will even
allow you to enter into a payment plan for the payment of our fees.

A Bad credit history can be a thing of the past;

  • Judgments gone
  • Defaults gone
  • Mistaken entries gone

Repairing your Credit History has never been easier. Feel free to contact us by email mary@repaircredithelpline.com.au

Or call us on (02) 8677 7299 for a no obligation confidential chat about how we may be able to help.