Fix Your Credit Report Judgements. 
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The Credit Repair Help Line offers a wide range of credit repair services for you.Fix Your Credit Card Judgements for a better credit report.

We can help fix judgements, credit defaults and fraudulent entries. If you are looking for credit repair then contact us today for a no obligation assessment!

There are a number of reasons why you may have bad credit, some of which can happen because of excessive credit inquiry, but, if errors exist on your file, we can fix bad credit for you, whether it's personal or corporate credit file repair.

We can fix your credit history even if you have very bad credit.

But to learn the tricks on how to fix credit report judgements, we need to understand where they come from. Basically, a judgement is a written statement by a court judge declaring you as a bad debtor. It is one of the most severe elements that negatively impact your credit report, along with loan defaults and repossession.

It all starts when a creditor - whether it's an energy supplier, phone company, or your loan provider - sends you a notice demanding payment, which you generally have 14 days to pay. Failing that, the creditor is within legal means to issue a court summons to you, ordering you to pay within 28 days or risk facing legal action.

Most individuals either do not read their summons, or neglect to attend the hearing to defend themselves. Either way, if you do not pay the money within the stipulated time period, the court will issue a judgement empowering your creditor to use any means necessary (including acquiring the money directly from your monthly salary, or seizing your assets of the same amount) to recover his/her debt.

The record for this judgement goes in your credit file and is considered a stain that will discourage any other financier from issuing you finance again. It is one of the most difficult listings in your credit report to fix. But it is not impossible.

Remember, credit report judgements remain on your record for five years, which is too long to remain on the negative side of the fence. With professional assistance, in some cases, you can fix credit report judgements if errors have been made. We adopt tailor-made techniques to appeal to various credit reporting agencies, using a customised line of approach based on their verification procedures, to carefully analyse judgements appearing on your credit file. By consulting an experienced credit file judgement lawyer, you can, at the very least, ensure that you are on the best path back to eventually regaining an appropriate credit rating.   

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