Too Many Credit Applications?

The Credit Repair Help Line offers a wide range of credit repair services for you.

When you make a loan application with a lender, the application is recorded on your credit file, in much the same way as a payment default. These failed applications can remain on your credit file for five years!

Bank finance applicationOur own research and experience indicates that having three or four rejected loan applications can have a large impact on your credit rating. Even when there are no default payments, or any other adverse records, can result in your loan application failing, even though everything else looks extremely good.

If you have a finance application rejected by a bank, attempt to obtain as much information as possible as to the reasons why this occurred. Your loan officer is the best place to begin. See if you can have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the reasons for rejection. Failing that, see if you can obtain further information via a telephone call. However, financial institutions are frequently reluctant to tell you why your particular loan application was rejected. Do not attempt any further applications without seeking additional help.

A better approach is to contact us at The Credit Repair Help Line where we have a higher level of experience than independent finance brokers. Not only can we provide clearer explanations as to the issues with your prior application, but most importantly, our discussions are confidential and will not appear on your credit file.

We can also provide options for locating a financial institution that may be more willing to provide the necessary finance you are seeking. 

Do Not Keep Making Ongoing Finance Applications!

Our expert staff at the Credit Repair Help Line can provide you with the type of advice that is extremely helpful prior to making further finance applications.

We can help fix judgements, credit defaults and fraudulent entries. If you are looking for credit repair then contact us today for a no obligation assessment!

There are a number of reasons why you may have bad credit, some of which can happen because of excessive credit inquiry, but we can fix bad credit for you, whether it's personal or corporate credit file repair.

We can fix your credit history even if you have very bad credit. contact us today on (02) 8677 7299

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