Bruce from Queensland

The guys at the Credit Repair Clinic were great. They got my default removed when no one else could.
I was able to borrow money to buy my new home
Thanks Mary from me and my family.

Mandy from Western Australia

Thanks Credit Repair Clinic you guys helped me remove a Telco default, the default was only for $350.00 but this meant I would be paying 2% higher interest
on my home loan, by having the default removed I am saving thousands on the interest of my home loan.
I will recommend your services to all my family and friend. Thanks guys.

John from NSW

A court judgment entered against me 2 years ago was stopping me from expanding my business. I saw the team at the Credit Repair Clinic who were able to help with the removal of the judgment from my credit file. I got the finance I need and now business is booming. I was happy to deal with these guys as they were professional and guaranteed they would only charge a fee if the job got done.